PhyFarm Onboarding

Product Designer, 2018 at PhyFarm. Led research and design for PhyFarm's onboarding flow making the initial experience user-friendly, reducing confusion, and increasing confidence in using the product.


Product Design


Figma, Miro, Adobe Creative Suite, Maze, JIRA






Inadequate Onboarding Guidance Hinders User Autonomy and Efficiency

User feedback indicates a gap in the onboarding process, with new users lacking a proper guide to start using the app effectively, leading to an overwhelming dependence on customer support for initial set-up, hampering user experience and efficiency.


How might we create a clear starting point to guide users in effectively navigating the app?


Crafting User-Centric Onboarding for Enhanced App Satisfaction

The solution entails crafting a user-friendly onboarding process that empowers users to navigate the app independently. By minimizing user queries, I aim to streamline the initial user experience and enhance overall satisfaction.

Early insights

To understand the problems faced by new users, I collaborated with our product manager and delved into support tickets, and analyzed analytics. Through this process, we identified three main issues.

Who is our users?

After familiarizing myself with the existing onboarding and user feedback, I got the clarity of the user group and needs. I identified my persona and listed their needs and frustration to make sure I understand my customer's problem.

A Journey from Old to New User Flow Experience

I began by mapping out the user journey for the existing process. Collaborating closely with the product manager and engineers, we identified crucial steps and brainstormed ideas to reimagine a more efficient flow.

Seamlessly Integrated Wireflow Designs for Bridging Functionality and User Experience

In crafting wireflows, I aimed to intricately map out user journeys with visual precision, combining the structure of wireframes with the narrative flow of user flows. Each wireflow meticulously outlines the sequence of screens and interactions, providing stakeholders with a comprehensive understanding of the user experience. By seamlessly integrating wireframes and user flows, these dynamic wireflows serve as a powerful tool for communicating design concepts, facilitating collaboration, and ensuring alignment between design and user goals

Elevating User Experience with High Fidelity Wireframes

In this phase of the design process, I focused on refining and enhancing the user experience through high fidelity designs. By meticulously translating conceptual ideas into tangible visual representations, I aimed to provide stakeholders with a clear vision of the final product while ensuring alignment with user needs and design goals. Through attention to detail, consistency in visual language, and adherence to usability principles, my high fidelity designs offer a realistic preview of the app's interface, interactions, and functionality

Building a High Fidelity Prototype

Measuring the impact

The onboarding process led to a 30% drop in drop-off rates, a 70% task completion rate, and a user satisfaction score of 8, signaling enhanced user engagement and comprehension.

Other work

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