Reckon Contribution Page

Product Designer, 2023 at Advance Local. Led research and design for Reckon's contribution page with a goal to generate $250k in revenue within its inaugural year, setting the stage for an even more ambitious target of $500k in revenue for the second year


Product Design


Figma, Adobe Creative Suite, Notion




Advance Local


Unveiling the Challenge of Monetizing Reckon's Engaged Audience

Despite Reckon's significant engagement with 250k newsletter opt-ins, the challenge lies in establishing a sustainable revenue stream, currently non-existent


Reckon is a startup news organization with 250k newsletter opt-ins, how can we build a revenue stream from the engaged audience while maintaining the delivery of valuable content at no cost?


Crafting an Effective Monetization Strategy for Reckon's Engaged Audience

Designing a user flow that guides users seamlessly from the "Contribute" call-to-action (CTA) to a dedicated page for contributors.

  • Communicating the unique benefits and value that a product, service, or platform offers to its users
  • Flexibility in contributions - one time vs. recurring and custom amounts of contribution
  • Reinforcing strong brand identity and visual language

Analyzing the competitive landscape

Who is our customer?

User Journey

I created a user flow for Reckon's landing page, aiming to enhance the contribution experience. Users seamlessly discover the option through engaging content, click on a compelling CTA, and smoothly transition to a well-designed contribution page

Imagining a scenario

Designing wireframes

In my wireframing process for Reckon's landing page, I've incorporated user-friendly "Make a Donation" and "Promo" Modules. Additionally, I've seamlessly integrated FAQs and other relevant information to provide users with quick answers and enhance their overall experience. The wireframes prioritize clarity and simplicity, ensuring a smooth journey from content discovery to donation and access to essential information.

Promo Module Wireframe

Final Designs and Style Guide

In the culmination of Reckon's landing page designs, I've not only revamped the style guide and refined design system components but also placed a strong emphasis on responsive design. Ensuring a seamless experience across devices, the modern aesthetic adapts dynamically, maintaining functionality and visual appeal. The "Make a Donation" module and FAQs seamlessly integrate within this responsive framework, setting a new standard for Reckon's online presence that is both visually pleasing and accessible across various devices.

Responsive Designs

What I learned

Creating pixel-perfect designs

Ensure precision in your designs by paying attention to padding and margins. Utilize grids to achieve consistency in fixed units of measurement for sizing, spacing, and alignment. This approach contributes to creating pixel-perfect designs.

Collaboration and effective communication

Collaborating with various teams in a project involves frequent communication and iterations. The experience has emphasized the importance of effectively conveying changes, delays, or shortcomings to ensure the project's success.

Other work

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