PhyFarm Branding

Visual Designer, 2019-2020 at PhyFarm. Led a holistic rebranding effort, intricately shaping the company's visual identity. This involved overhauling the logo and enhancing both digital and print materials, resulting in a 33% boost in brand recognition.


Visual Design + Branding


Adobe Creative Suite, Figma, Miro







Phyfarm is on a mission to modernize agriculture through the power of technology and data-driven solutions. A pioneer in the field of AgTech, Phyfarm is dedicated to empowering farmers and reshaping the future of sustainable and efficient food production with its developed cutting-edge solution. This solution harnesses the potentials of Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIOT) to elevate farming practices to new heights.


Transforming PhyFarm: Elevating Brand Recognition and Trust Through Strategic Rebranding

The objective is to execute a comprehensive rebranding strategy for PhyFarm, aimed at enhancing brand recognition, establishing a cohesive visual identity, and instilling confidence in our technology-driven solutions geared towards maximizing sustainable yield.

Target Audience

Farmers, businesses, and agronomists seeking to pioneer sustainable farming practices and drive company growth by embracing cutting-edge technology and innovative methodologies.


Modern, clean, sleek identity that reflects sustainability and innovation

Other work

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