PICO Kickstarter Campaign

Senior Visual Designer, 2020 at Altifarm Enverde. Led a team of 4 for the PICO Kickstarter campaign, managing end-to-end UX design, visual design, and interaction design. Facilitated the company in securing $1.5 million in funding from over ~17,000 backers.


Visual Design + Branding


Adobe Creative Suite, Miro




Altifarm Enverde


Challenges faced by novice home gardeners

Novice home gardeners often find plant care overwhelming due to uncertainties about watering, soil conditions, and care routines. This leads to frustration and disappointment. A solution is needed to simplify gardening and empower beginners to achieve success in nurturing their plants


Revolutionizing sustainable home gardening

How might Pico empower individuals to cultivate their mini gardens and initiate conversations about sustainable food practices?


PICO - A garden in your palm

PICO is a meticulously crafted self-watering planter that redefines the gardening experience. Our solution focuses on transforming the initial steps of plant cultivation into an enjoyable and successful journey for all, regardless of their gardening background.

Crafting Innovation: Our Design Journey

Brand Identity

The logo draws inspiration from the planter's top-down view, mirroring its elegant curves and sleek form. It's more than a symbol; it's a visual translation of form, function, and style. Minimalist yet sophisticated, the logo embodies the commitment to design excellence and everyday beauty

Color palette and visual identity

The Tropical theme, which is reflected in the brand identity, was developed from the inspiration of the sun and plants - two elements closely related to our product PICO. The theme is characterized by a vibrant color palette, which exudes the essence of the brand

Visual product presentation

Our journey was a meticulous endeavor, a labor of love where we painstakingly crafted PICO's imagery. We transformed it into an immersive experience that speaks through every pixel, angle, and hue, all seamlessly working together to vividly convey its essence.

Every detail mattered; every visual choice was deliberate. We aimed to not just showcase PICO but to tell its story, to let you feel its presence even before it graces your palm. It's not just a product; it's an experience, and every pixel of our presentation was dedicated to bringing that experience to life.

Visualizing PICO: Infographics that Speak

We embarked on a journey where data seamlessly met design in "Visualizing PICO: Infographics that Speak." In this phase of our visual exploration, we unraveled the skill of transforming intricate information into captivating visuals, custom-fit for PICO's narrative.

Visual Storytelling: Crafting Engaging Video Concepts and Interaction Design

We embarked on a journey where creativity fused seamlessly with functionality. In this phase of our creative expedition, we delved into the art of breathing life into PICO through captivating video concepts and flawless interaction design.

Usability Testing and Improvements

As part of our usability testing, we handed out PICO (with planted basil) to a group of 15-20 potential users for a period of 10 days.

Outcomes and Improvements


Social media advertisements

Designed ads and carousels to announce the launch of the product and connect with our target audience on multiple social media platforms.


Project launch results

Following an intense three-month effort, PICO was ultimately introduced on Kickstarter, setting a funding objective of $10,000.

Other work

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